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DERI z Lasów Jurajskich

born 15.05.2002

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On 10th of October 2014 we bade farewell to Una – DERI z Lasów Jurajskich…


Deri and her brother Dab were the dogs to first attend a pointer show with us. It was during the Teodor Marchlewski International Field Trials in Goszcza year 2003. I remember that after arriving I was afraid to leave the car, seeing such distinguished trainers as Jan and Wojciech Tarnowscy, Marian Wiklański and other experienced dog guides. My first though - let's get out of here! But after a while we decided to try our chances; in the end, one might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb.

The 15-month pointer siblings finished the contest with 1st degree diplomas in derby class, taking 1st and 2nd place. Dab won the show.

That's how it all started - my adventure with training pointers. The contests became something of a complement to my work as a dog trainer and breeder.

With Una we took part in 11 more working contests for versatile pointers on a regional, national and international level, always ending up with a diploma. Most of the time (7 times, to be exact) it was a 1st degree diploma. Una had a knack for it, achieving high scores and places. Heck, she had even won some CPC and res.CACIB certificates.

With such a contest-winning female hunting was always a pleasure. In the field she was always even-tempered - our only pointer that never, ever chased anything! Well, almost anything - she didn't feel an affection to cats :) But she loved swimming and she would never leave the water willingly. This trait - as well as her love to fetch - she would later give to her offsprings. Her daughters Grappa, Zadra and Hana continue this great tradition.

We miss very much her wise eyes, her ability to listen with a tilted head... We miss her wisdom and knowledge when trying to raise younger generation of the kennel's pointers. She was the only one that could impose order in a group of brawling youngsters, teach them humility and respect.

She was an Alpha till the very end, while still having very gentle nature. She was always in great shape and lived with us for 10 years.

She was a Champion of Poland, 2004 Club Winner, Best Working Female of an European Pointer Show in Moszna 2004.

Unka, we forgive you all the hens and ducks of our neighbours, for which we had to pay dearly. My wonderful mother-in-law already forgave you...

Thank you for everything I could learn from you. I believe that some day we will meet again.


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Working achievements:

* Working Trials Mierzęcice 2004 - I° diploma, place 3/11

* I International & XXXIII Field Trials of the name of prof. dr Teodor Marchlewski in Goszcza 2007 - I° diploma, place 2/5

* LIV National Pointer Trials Wadowice '05 - II° diploma, pos. 3/6, points 258/264

* Pointer Trials Zator-Spytkowice '06 - I° diploma, place 2/12, points 264/264

* Carpathian Pointer Trials Wysoka Głogowska '06 - I° diploma, pos. 4/8, points 238/264

* National Pointer Trials Kazimierza Wielka '06 - III° diploma, pos. 4/11, points 222/264

* Pointer Trials Mysłowice '07 - I° diploma, pos. 2/5, points 254/264

* Pointer Trials Sandomierz '07 - III° diploma, pos. 7/10, points 247/264

* Pointer Trials Kazimierza Wlk. '07 - I° diploma, pos. 2/10, points 264/264  

* Pointer Trials Radom '07, I° diploma, pos. 1/10, points 264/264, CPC

* National Pointer Trials Morgi '07, I° diploma, pos. 4/12, points 256/264

* II International Pointer Working Trials Dąbrowa Tarnowska '07, I° diploma, pos. 2/18, points 260/264, res.CACIT

* III International Pointer Working Trials Dąbrowa Tarnowska '07, III° diploma, pos. 6/13, points 218/264



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