Our youngest bitch


HANA ze Snu Nemroda

born 26.05.2008

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Father: TRIX ze Stipek (breeder Ludek Müller, owner Martina Rymerova)

Mother: DERI z Lasów Jurajskich


Beauty achievements:

* rated excellent, 3rd place in junior class, International Show in Katowice, 20 March 2009

* CAJC on Club Show of German Shorthaired Pointer - Hlucin, Czech Republic, 09 May 2009

* rated excellent, place 2 of 5 on International Show in Opole, 26 April 2009

* Best Junior in Breed on International Show in Krakow, 27 June 2009

* Junior Winner on National Show in Ustron Sl., 05 July 2009

* Junior Club Winner on Pointer Club Show in Torun

* Junior Winner on National Hunting Dogs Show in Piotrkow Trybunalski

* Rated excellent in Junior Class on World Dog Show in Bratislava 2009

* CAC and CACIB on XV International Show in Katowice 2010

* CAC, Winner, CACIB on International Dog Show in Opole, 25th of April 2010

* Excellent, position 2, res.CAC on German Shorthaired Pointer Club Show in Hlucin, 8th of May 2010

* Excellent, position 2/3 on Pointer Club Show in Poznan-Antoninek 28th of May 2010

* Position 1/4, CAC on German Shorthaired Club Show in Praga-Kunatice 12th of June 2010

* V1, CAC (Working Class) on German Shorthaired Pointer Club Show in Namest na Hane, Olomouc, 26th of June 2010

* CAC, Winner on National Dog Show in Nowa Ruda-Słupiec 27th of June 2010

* CAC, Winner of Poland, CACIB, BOB on International Dog Show in Poznan 11th of November 2010

* CAC, Czech Club Winner (KV) on German Shorthaired Pointer Club Show in Hlucin, 7th of may 2011

* excellent, CAC on Pointer Club Show in Piotrków Trybunalski - 20th of August 2011

* Excellent 1/2 in working class, CAC, BIS Working Dogs on XX Jubilee Pointer Club Show in Wrocław, 27th of April 2013

* CAC, res CACIB on International DUO CACIB Show Velka Ida, Slovakia, 7th of July 2013


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Working achievements:

* Working Certificate

* National Field Trials in memory of prof. Teodor Marchlewski

- I° diploma, pos. 3/4, derby class

* National Field Trials, Katowice-Będzin - I° diploma, pos. 2/4, 6 pts. -  derby class

* Working Trials in Bielsko-Biala, 30.08.2009 - I° diploma, 100/100 pts., 3rd place

* International Field Trials in Bedzin, 03.05.2010 - I° diploma, position 2/14 (group II)



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