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   We would like to welcome You on a site dedicated for one breed – German Shorthaired Pointer.

   We encourage you to read about our achievements on working and beauty contests field, and also on our breeding accomplishments. Pointers are our passion and became inseparable part of our life.

   Out adventure started back in 1995. It was that time when ALFA Lutnia, brown female German Shorthaired Pointer of Cracovian kennel, appeared in our home. At the same time we became members of Polish Kennel Club, our branch is located in Bytom. Today we have several duties in the Kennel Club: we are instructors of hunting training and supervisors of FCI group VII section.

   We are both members of Polish Hunting Association (since 1995 and 1999), and since year 2000 we work actively in Kennel Commision of the Regional Hunting Council in Katowice. We both have licenses of dog instructors in Polish Hunting Association.


   Currently there are six german shorthaired pointers in our kennel:

 - stud dog DOR Jasenky from a befriended Czech kennel, father of over 100 puppies, who along with the mother gives his offsprings all the excellent working and beauty qualities, proper build and elegant type;
- ZADRA, HANA & CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda

- the renowned veteran female from our kennel: GRAPPA ze Snu Nemroda.

- KNIEJA II ze Snu Nemroda - young, promising daughter of CZEREMCHA.

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   Our dogs are intensively used to work in hunting grounds rich in small animals. Their training has been tested and verified by Ist degree diplomas achieved on working contests and field trials of regional, national and international contests. They have working and hunting certificates. We raise our dogs alone and we alone handle them during the contests.

   The goal of our breeding work is to make well thought-of matches that guarantee the right psychical characteristics, working attributes and perfect exterior. We take care of the proper socialization of the puppies and we always try hard to put them in the right hands.


   We are always happy to help those who decide to single-handedly raise and educate their pointers. We try to help in preparing them for huntings, working trials, contests and dog shows.


   We’d like to thank all people, who with such concern activelly take part in contests organized by Polish Hunting Association and who represent pointers from „ze Snu Nemroda” kennel. We wish You many happy moments and satisfaction with Your intelligent, joyful and always eager to cooperate dogs.

Izabela & Waldemar















German Shorthaired Pointer Kennel "ze Snu Nemroda"