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8.11.2009 - International Dog Show in Poznan
DOR - CACIB, Winner of Poland 2009, BOB
ZADRA - rated excellent, 3rd place in working class
17.10.2009 - VI International Working Pointers Contest - Bedzin 2009

ZADRA - I° diploma, place 1/9, 258 points, she won the Winner of Pointer Working Contest 2009, CPC, CACIT



ZADRA has been chosen for the Best Dog in Water Events.


We want to congratulate the wonderful competition, the winner of 2nd place, who achieved 257 points, Cesky Fousek PUENTA Koniczowka and her breeder & guide, Mr Kazimierz Samojedny, and the shorthaired pointer VE-RON vom Jagdhundegestirn (3rd place, 245 points) and her breeder & owner, Aleksander Gapon.


11.10.2009 - World Dog Show in Bratislava

DOR Jasenky - wins working class, achieves res.CACIB and the title of

v-ce World Winner 2009

This way he fulfilled all requirements for Interchampion title



ZORKA ze Snu Nemroda - rated excellent, 2n position in open class, res.CAC

ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda - rated excellent, 3rd position in working class

HANA ze Snu Nemroda - rated excellent in junior class


27.09.2009 - Pointer Working Contest in Kazimierza Wielka

DOR - I° diploma, 249 pts., pos. 5/12

ZADRA - I° diploma, 257 pts., pos. 3/12


30.08.2009 - Working Trials in Bielsko-Biala

HANA - I° diploma, 100/100 pts., 3rd place


22.08.2009 - Pointer Club Show in Torun

DOR - Club Winner, BIS 3rd place
rated excellent, 2nd place
- Junior Club Winner
HAGEN ze Snu Nemroda
- Junior Club Winner, Best Junior in Breed, BIS Junior 3rd place


16.08.2009 - National Hunting Dogs Show in Piotrkow Trybunalski
DOR - BOB, BOG 2nd place, BIS of Working Dogs
HANA - Junior Winner - we are happy to announce that HANA completed the requirements for Polish Junior Champion!


26.07.2009 - National Show in Bedzin
HANA - rated excellent, 2nd place in Junior Class


05.07.2009 - National Show in Ustron Sl.

HANA - Junior Winner


HANA won the title of Best Junior in Breed on International Show in Krakow.


Club Show of German Shorthaired Pointer - Hlucin, Czech Republic
Dor - CAC
Zadra - CAC, Club Winner
Hana - CAJC



National Field Trials Katowice-Będzin:

Zadra - I° diploma, pos. 2/13, 7 pts.
Hana - I° diploma, pos. 2/4, 6 pts. - derby class



We are happy to inform that puppies were born in our kennel.



International Show in Opole:


ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda - CACIB; on this show ZADRA completed requirements for Polish Champion!

HANA ze Snu Nemroda - rated excellent, place 2 of 5



National Field Trials, Memorial of prof. Teodor Marchlewski:

ZUZIA ze Snu Nemroda - I° diploma, pos. 1/9, CPC, Trialer title

ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda - I° diploma, pos. 6/9

HANA ze Snu Nemroda - derby class, I° diploma, pos. 3/4



International Show in Katowice:


HANA - rated excellent, 3rd place in junior class



International Show in Rzeszow:

DOR - completed Champion of Poland title!

ZADRA - rated excellent, 2nd place



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