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8-9.12.2012 - PRIMORYE CUP 2012, PACIFIC CUP 2012

DANELIA Triumphant dog (f: DOR Jasenky, m: ARABIKA Trumphant dog) is now a Junior Champion of Russia.


25.12.2012 - Our pointers in full force.


From the left: Czeremcha, Hana, Zadra, Dor, Grappa and Deri.


20.12.2012 - Życzenia świąteczno-noworoczne!


We wish Merry Christmas to all visitors of our site - especially the ones who today are owners of pointers from the "ze Snu Nemroda" kennel. Joyful, peaceful Christmas too all of you. Wonderful plans in the New Year - we hope they will all  come true!



10.12.2012 - DERI z Lasów Jurajskich on the track...

Our 11-years old veteran Una never lets go. She's still in excellent shape - this time as a sleuthhound :)


25.11 2012 - RUTKA ze Snu Nemroda.

A beautiful, chocolate female (11 weeks) after ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda & CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda is still waiting for new owner.


10.11.2012 - Sometimes we even manage to find time for hunting...




04.11.2012 - International Show in Moscow - Russia 2012.

DIAMANT Triumphant dog - BOB Junior
DIAMANT lives in Moscow. He is son of DOR Jasenky & ARABIKA Triumphant dog. He just became the Junior Champion of Russia.


03.11.2012 - Puppies of CZEREMCHA & ELLIOT - 8 weeks.


Two black females are still waiting for new owners.

More info on the PUPPIES page.


25.10.2012 - Stud dog - ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda.


We're happy to introduce young, 21-month old, proven ;) stud dog from our kennel.


ELLIOT "Miko" is a very activelly hunting dog (duck, pheasant) in the hands of a hunter. On his last this year International Show he acgieved his third "excellent" note, so now he is fully capable stud dog.


22.10.2012 - Puppies from the "R" litter - 6,5 week.


Black and brown females after:

ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - Winner od Poland 2012
CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Winnder of Poland 2011

...are still waiting for new owners! More on the PUPPIES page.


21.10.2012 - International Show in Poznan.

Judge: Andrzej Brabletz

ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda (owner. Jacek Będkowski) - Intermediate Class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Winner od Poland 2012

CHORAŁ ze Snu Nemroda (owner Ewa Cybulska) - Working Class, excellent 1, CAC

HANA ze Snu Nemroda - Working Class, excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB


13.10.2012 - National Pointers Contest in Tarnów.


Sometimes it just happens like this:

Unlucky "thirteen"?
ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda - 3rd degree diploma, pts. 255/264, pos. 9/10


03.09.2012 - Litter "R"- 3 and a half weeks.


We have adden new pictures to the PUPPIES site.


30.09.2012 - Regional Working Contests of Versatile Pointers in Kazimierza Wielka.



ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda - 1st degree diploma, pts. 260/264, pos. 9/18


29.09.2012 - Regional Working Contests of Versatile Pointers in Ropczce.

ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda - 1st degree diploma, pts. 253/264, pos. 4/15


28.09.2012 - Litter "R" from CZEREMCHA & ELLIOT.


The puppies are now three wewks old. More inof on the PUPPIES page.


16.09.2012 - A dream litter that came true...

More info on PUPPIES PAGE.


15.09.2012 - Regional Pointer Trials in Lyski



ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda - versatile class, Ist degree diploma, pts. 257/264, pos. 4/17


01.09.2012 - Pointer Working Trials in Mysłowice.


ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda (owner J. Będkowski) - 1st degree diploma, pts. 97/100, pos. 6/36


10.08.2012 - CZEREMCHA i ELLIOT - new litter, september 2012.


More info on the PUPPIES page.


29.07.2012 - National Show in Będzin.

Judge: Tomasz Borkowski

More photos in the gallery.

ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - Intermediate Class, excellent, CAC, Best of Breed, Best of Group VII, Best in Show IV
CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class, excellent, pos. 1/2, CAC


20.07.2012 - Litter "T" - 7,5  weeks.

Our puppie are slowly departing to their new homes. Thumper lives in Gniezno now. We wish his owners plenty of satisfaction and a peaceful puppy time :)


01.07.2012 - Tia, Thumper & Troy - 5 weeks.



Tia & Troy. More pictures in the gallery.



01.07.2012 - National Show in Bielsko-Biała.

Judge: Aleksander Skrzyński



ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - Intermediate Class: excellent, pos. 1/2, CAC
Congratulations for the first "gold" both for Miko - mainly hunting dog - and his owners. It was their first beauty show!


18.06.2012 - Puppies of DOR & GRAPPA are 3 weeks old now.




16.06.2012 - International Dog Show in Krakow.

Judge: Andrzej Brabletz


CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class: CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG IV


10.06.2012 - DERBY WINNER SLOVAKIA - Nitra.

Judge: Per Iversen, Norwegia

ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda - working Class: CAC, CACIB
It was a very important show for our kennel. ZADRA finished her Interchampionat C.I.B certificate.


09.06.2012 - GRAND PRIX SLOVAKIA - Nitra.

Judge: Attila Czegledi, Węgry

IRIA ze Snu Nemroda - Junior Class: CAJC, Best Junior
BENNET ze Snu Nemroda - Working Class - CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed


09.06.2012 - Pointer Club Show in Rybnik.

Judge: Ludek Muller, Czechy


This year's show turned out to be "Silver Club Show" for our kennel:

EVAR ze Snu Nemroda - Junior Class, excellent, position 2/3
HANA ze Snu Nemroda - Working Class, excellent, position 2/4
CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class, excellent, position 2/3


03.06.2012 - International Dog Show - Prestige Leszno.

Judge: Janusz Sajnóg

ZADZIOR ze Snu Nemroda - Open Class: CAC, CACIB, BOB.
ZADZIOR made his last step for Champion of Poland certificate.




01.06.2012 - DOR's Jubilee :)

We're happy to inform that DOR once again became a father. His children were born in Theogonia kennel. Congratulations!


Up till now DOR already fathered 100 puppies.


27.05.2012 - Puppies of DOR & GRAPPA.




12.05.2012 - German Shorthaired Pointer Club Show in Hlucin (Czech Republic)

Judge: Petr Rehanek


CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class: CAC, Best Female in Breed


29.04.2012 - International Show in Opole.

Judge: Jan Ryk

CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class: CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG II
IRIA ze Snu Nemroda - Junior Class: excellent, pos. 2/2


25.04.2012 - Introducing new stud dog.


CHORAŁ ze Snu Nemroda is officially included in our stud dogs group. Congratulations!
More info on the page.


22.04.2012 - Pointer Working Trials in Mrokow.

ELGAR ze Snu Nemroda - 1st degree diploma, pts. 100/100, pos. 1/10


Congratulations for the owner and fingers crossed for many more successes!


22.04.2012 - Farewell to the "Valentine's Day" puppies

Puppies from the "W" litters are all in their new homes. We wish their owners happyness, hunting and beauty successes, and we wish the puppies a long and joyful life in their new, loving families.



We uploaded "few" new photos. You can find them here: LITTER "W" - gallery.


14.04.2012 - National Show in Ostrava



IRIA ze Snu Nemroda - Junior Champion of Czech Republic. Congratulations!


31.03.2012 - National Show in Legionowo

Judge: M. Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska.
CHORAŁ ze Snu Nemroda - Open Class, CAC


With today's show Ori completed his Champion of Poland certificate. Congratulations for his charming owner, we wish You many successes!


16.03.2012 - XVII International Dog Show in Katowice

Judge: Zafra Sirik, Israel

CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Open Class, excellent, position 2/2


19.02.2012 - ELLIOT - son of ZADRA & BEST BARON


Visit our HUNTING GALLERY to see more!


14.02.2012 - Valentine's Day's puppies of Hana and Ataman


More info on the PUPPIS page.


05.02.2012 - The learning continues...


ZADRA with her son.


28.01.2012 - Wintershow Trencin, International Show, Slovakia

Judge: Miroslav Stanovsky, Słowacja


CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Open Class, excellent 1/3, CAC, CACIB
ZADRA ze Snu Nemorda - Working Class, CAC, resCACIB

We're happy to inform that ZADRA completed her Champion of Slovakia certificate.


22.01.2012 - National Show in Będzin

Judge: Mirosław Olejnik

CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Open Class, excellent, CAC


On today's show Czeremcha completed her Champion of Poland certificate.



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