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26.12.2013 - Christmas hunting with Elliot.

Polish Champion ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda doesn't want to be worse than his parents (ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda & BEST BARON od Habrovickeho rybnika).


24.12.2013 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




29.11.2013 - National Dog Show in Swiebodzice, O/Wałbrzych

Judge: Miroslav Waclavik, Czech Republic

TROY ze Snu Nemroda - Intermediate Class: excellent, CAC, Best of Breed.
Congratulations for the owners. We wish you many new successes in the New Year!


09.11.2013 - International Show in Kielce

Judge: Otakar Vondrous, Czech Republic


TROY ze Snu Nemroda - Junior Class, very good, position 3/3
CHORAŁ ze Snu Nemroda - Working Class, excellent, CWC, res.CACIB
ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class, excellent, CWC
CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class, CWC

Junior Winner goes to El VIENTO Theogonia Black, son of DOR Jasenky.


And this way we finished this year's show season.
Huge congratulations for the owners, we wish you many more successes in the future.


02.11.2013 - DYLAN ze Snu Nemroda, two and a half month

Few autumn photos of "Bobek" with his mom HANA. More in the GALLERY.


30.10.2013 - Hunting with Zadra.




More photos in the GALLERY.


09.10.2013 - Puppies of Dor and Hanna: 6,5 weeks.




In a few days puppies form the "D" litter will be 7 weeks old and will start their new life in the new homes with loving families. We wish severything the best both the puppies and the owners. Good luck on the hunting path!

Recent photos of the litter on the LITTERS page.


01.10.2013 - Litter "D"- five weeks.

Photos of puppies after HANA and DOR!


29.09.2013 - International Show in Wroclaw

Judge: Jaroslav Matyas, Slovakia


TROY ze Senu Nemroda & EL VIENTO Theogonia Black

OHM z Hubertowych Łowisk & TROY ze Snu Nemroda

TROY ze Snu Nemroda - Junior Class: excellent, 1/5, Junior Winner, Best Junior.

Congratulations and many thanks to Ula and Marcin! It should be added this was the debut for Troy on a dog show. TROY is a son of DOR Jasenky. We wish you many more successes!

EL VIENTO Theogonia Black - son of DOR Jasenky - excellent, 2/5
Congratulations, Adam!

ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda & TYMON Ars Venandi CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda & DEMI-GRET z Czarnego Podmuchu

ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class: excellent, 2/2, res.CACIB
CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda, daughter of DOR Jasenky - Champion Class: excellent, 1/2, CWC, res.CACIB

AJTRA z Hubertowych Łowisk & CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda AJTRA z Hubertowych Łowisk

AJTRA z Hubertowych Łowisk, daughter of DOR Jasenky - Working Class: CACIB. Congratulations!

It's also worth to add that OHM z Hubertowych Łowisk also debuted on a dog show.
Father of OHM is ZADZIOR ze Snu Nemroda. OHM achieved excellent grade and position 3/5 in Junior Class.


You can check some of the photos in our GALLERY!


29.09.2013 - Pointer Working Trials in Piotrkow Trybunalski



RIA ze Snu Nemroda - 1st. degree diploma, pts. 87/100, pos. 8/21
ROSA ze Snu Nemroda - 1st. degree diploma, pts. 95/100, pos. 4/21

Congratulations for the owners!
The black sisters are the progeny of ELLIOT and CZEREMCHA.


22.09.2013 - National Show in Bytom

ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class: CWC, Zw.
Best of Breed for AJTRA z Hubertowych Łowisk (father: DOR Jasenky, mother: AFRA z Osiedla Amelin).



21.09.2013 - International Working Trials, Versatile Class, Osiek, ZO PZŁ Bielsko-Biała


ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda: 1st degree diploma, position 5/17, pts. 260/264
Our almost 7-year old Zadra can still compete with much younger dogs :)


18.09.2013 - Puppies of DOR & HANA

Litter "D" will be 4 weeks old in a few days.
One of the females is waiting for a new owner :)


01.09.2013 - National Field Trials, Piotrków Trybunalski

Children of our DOR:

BAJKA z Trybunalskiego Grodu - Group I, 1st degree diploma, CPC
ATAMAN z Hubertowych Łowisk - Group II, 1st degree diploma, position 2


31.08.2013 - National Show in Chorzow


ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - Open Class: CWC, BOB, BOG IV
CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class: CWC, Zw.


31.08.2013 - Pointer Working Trials, Pszczyna

RUTKA ze Snu Nemroda: 3rd degree diploma, position 21/24

Congratulations for the owners and almost one yeard old Rutka for taking the challange and successful debut. We wish you many successes!


26.08.2013 - Puppies of DOR & HANA


Sunday morning HANA gave birth to four puppies: three females and a brown male. We hope that, despite of being born on Sunday, they will give lots of happyness to their owners and fullfill all their dreams and hopes as hard working hunting dogs.


20.08.2013 - Pointer - a family dog :)




30.07.2013 - We're awaiting puppies!

We are waiting for the new HANA's litter.

Puppies will be born at the end of August. More informations on the PUPPIES page.


28.07.2013 - National Show in Będzin

Judge: Stefan Sinko, Slovenia


RUCZAJ ze Snu Nemroda - Junior Class, excellent, pos. 3/3
ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - Open Class, excellent, pos. 2/2


13.07.2013 - International Show in Warsaw

Judge: Tadeusz Chwalny

CHORAŁ ze Snu Nemroda - Working Class: CAC, CACIB, BOB

As a working and hunting dog Chorał once again proved he is also a dog with excellent exterier values. We'd like to congratulate his owner, Mrs Ewa Cybulska and wish her many successes. We'd also like to thank for representing our kennel on many dog shows.


10.07.2013 - NEIRY ze Snu Nemroda.

On the photo you can see the 5 months old daughter of DOR & GRAPPA, chockolate NEIRY with charming family name DORA.
Owner: Sławomir Sularz.

Very soon Dora will have an  opportunity to test herself as a falconer's dog.


07.07.2013 - Intyernadional DUO CACIB Show Velka Ida, Slovakia

Judge: Jan Ryk, Polska

HANA ze Snu Nemroda - Working Class: CAC, res.CACIB


04.07.2013 - Last family pictures of puppies from the "O" litter.


Kids of DOR & ZADRA are 8 weeks now and will soon begin the journey to their new homes. We wish all the new owners much happyness and satisfaction in the field.

Here you can see new photos.


30.06.2013 - Beskid Dog Show - Ustroń Śląski

Judge: Jadwiga Konkiel

ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - Open Class: CAC, BOB and BOG I.
More photos in our Gallery!


16.06.2013 - Puppies of DOR and ZADRA - 5,5 weeks.

You can see the most recent photos of our puppies on the LITTER page.


15.06.2013 - International Show in Krakow.

Judge: Rudy Feyaerts (B)



ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - Open Class: excellent, CWC.


09.06.2013 - National Show in Raciborz

Judge: Maciej Kozber

ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda - owner: Jacek Będkowski, Open Class: excellent, CWC, Best of Breed (BOB), BOG II

We're happy to inform that today ELLIOT achieved the last certificate for the Champion of Poland title. Big congratulations for the owners.


06.06.2013 - Puppies from the "O" litter - 4 weeks.


Few more shots from the recent weeks on the LITTER page.


25.05.2013 - International Show - Litomerice, Czech Republic



Judge: Jiri Formanek

HANA ze Snu Nemroda - Working Class, excellent, position 4/4
CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class, excellent, postion 2/2, res.CAC


19.05.2013 - Miot "O" - 10 days already gone!




09.05.2013 - Puppies: DOR & ZADRA!



Long awaited puppies after C.I.B., C.I.E. DOR Jasenky & C.I.B. ZADRA ze Snu Nemroda were born. There are two males and three females in the litter. All puppies already found their new owners.


If you are interested in our puppies or waiting for the new litter, please contact us.

You can find more info about the litter and the parrents on the LITTERS, DOR & ZADRA pages.


28.04.2013 - International Show in Opole

Judge: Pedro Luis Sanches Delerue, Portugal

CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda: Champion Class, excellent 2/2


27.04.2013 - XX Anniversary Club Show in Wrocław 2013


Kennel competitions:
BEST STUD DOG - judge: Alenka Pokorn, Slovenia

DOR Jasenky

BEST KENNEL - judge: Pedro Luis Sanches Delerue, Portugal

German Shorthaired Poninters "ze Snu Nemroda"

Final competitions:
BIS WORKING DOGS - judge: Tadeusz Chwalny, Poland

HANA ze Snu Nemroda


In the rings - judge: Tadeusz Chwalny, Poland
CHORAŁ ze Snu Nemroda: Working Class, excellent 1/2, CWC
HANA ze Snu Nemroda: Working Class, excellent 1/2, CWC
CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda: Champion Class 1/4, CWC


16.03.2013 - Puppies from the "N" litter - 8 weeks.

The last puppies of Grappa are leaving us for their new homes. We'd like to wish all the owners a lot of happines and satisfaction!

We're happy, because or puppies once again went into good hands. Out of seven puppies five will be living in homes of hunters. Statistically we are still able to fulfill our plan: since several years 80% of our pointers end up in hunters' homes.


15.03.2013 - International Show in Katowice.

Judge: Giuseppe Alessandra, Włochy

ELGAR ze Snu Nemroda (owner Piotr Wilga) - Open Class: excellent, pos. 1/2. Congratulations for a very succesful start!


CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda - Champion Class: excellent, Winner, CAC, CACIB


07.02.2013 - Puppies of DOR & GRAPPA.

Puppies from the "N" litter are 3 weeks old today. One brown female is still waiting for new owners.

More photos on the PUPPIES page.


02.02.2013 - International show in Brno.

Judge: Tar Cristin


BENNET ze Snu Nemroda - Working Class: excellent 1/2, CAC, res.CACIB
IRIA ze Snu Nemroda - Intermediate Class: excellent 1/2, CAC


25.01.2013 - Puppies - litter "N", first week.


More photos on the PUPPIES page.


17.01.2013 - Puppies of DOR and GRAPPA.


More info on the PUPPIES page.


06.01.2013 - Hunting in KŁ "Gwardia", Będzin.

January's pheasants of ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda.


05.01.2013 - National Show in Brno.

IRIA ze Snu Nemroda (f: ATAMAN z Hubertowych Łowisk, m: GRAPPA ze Snu Nemroda) - Intermediate Class, excellent, CAC.

Closer and closer to the Champion of Czech :) Congratulations!


06.01.2013 - CZEREMCHA ze Snu Nemroda.



German Shorthaired Pointer Kennel "ze Snu Nemroda"